gout remedies at home

gout remedies at home

hey guys, dr. axe here, doctor of functionalmedicine. today i want to share with you my top tips on how to cure gout fast. gout affectsmillions of people all across the country, and there are three specific supplements thatif you take these, i guarantee you will see very, very fast results in getting gout relief.also, there's a gout diet i'm going to share with you on this video as well. so the first supplement you should be takingif you have gout is celery juice or celery seed extract. now, celery juice is packedwith certain minerals and enzymes that actually have been shown to help reduce uric acid inthe body, so it will definitely help gout fast. the best thing you can do is if youhave a vegetable juicer at home, start juicing

celery juice and drinking 8 ounces of celeryjuice 3 to 4 times a day. you could also mix that with things like cucumber juice and carrotjuice which will be beneficial as well. but celery juice is the best. if you can't do that, you can actually ordercelery in capsule form or again just eat celery in general. you could snack on that as well.that is the most effective thing to get rid of gout fast. the third supplement that's very effectiveis black cherry juice. we know that doing about three to five tablespoons a day of blackcherry juice is very effective in gout relief because, again, it reduces uric acid crystalproduction within the body.

then the last supplement, but not least, isnettles or stinging nettles. that's been shown to be highly anti-inflammatory, but also reduceuric acid production in the body. so again, ordering nettles or stinging nettles, it'sbeen used over the years as an allergy treatment but also very effective in the treatment ofgout. then if you want to know the best diet forgout, there are three main nutrients you've got to be getting in your diet on a regularbasis to have gout relief. that includes magnesium, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids. in fact,one of the things i would do right after watching this video is do a google search on draxe.comfor top potassium foods, top magnesium foods, as well as top omega-3 fatty acid rich foods,and those things will all help give you relief

of uric acid. i guarantee, if you follow thesetips, within 24 hours you can see massive gout relief. then in terms of the foods you need to stayaway from if you have gout, anything that's typically acidic in nature, staying away fromalcohol, staying away from processed red meats, staying away from excess sugar consumption,any fast, processed, or refined foods, and staying away from coffee. all of those thingsincrease uric acid production of the body. an ideal meal, if you have gout, would be,again, doing some vegetable juice, doing a big bowl of bone broth soup with real bonebroth and chicken or beef and carrots and celery and onions, but doing a big bowl ofthat with veggie juice throughout the day.

if you do that, you are going to see very,very fast relief in your gout symptoms. so again, remember if you're looking to curegout fast, follow these tips. number one, consume a diet high in magnesium, potassium,as well as omega-3 fatty acids. number two, remember the supplements to take of blackcherry juice, celery juice, as well as stinging nettles and then again remove those inflammatory,high acid forming foods from your diet. if you do that, i guarantee in just 24 hoursyou're going to get fast relief from your gout systems. by the way, guys, if you like this video,make sure you subscribe here on our youtube channel. i've got more videos coming out thatcan help transform your health and life forever.

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