fracture cure

fracture cure

hi, so today i'm going to talk to you for a fewminutes about how to self-diagnose a stress fracture of the metatarsals. now, first ofall what a stress fracture is, it's just a tiny fracture through the outside of a bone.matter of fact, it's so small that they normally don't even show up on an x-ray initially.they usually come from overuse, for example you've been running a little bit more, you'vebeen wearing less stable shoes. but a lot of times there's no particular reason. a lotof people just come in and say i didn't do anything different but the top of my footstarted hurting. so here are the symptoms you are going tofind have if you have a stress fracture of the metatarsals. number one, you're gonnahave swelling over the top of the foot. usually

a little bit of swelling in this area righthere. number two, if you take your hand and you start pushing down on the top of the foot,what you'll be doing is actually pushing on these metatarsal bones. and when you come...if you find one of these bones that hurts particularly, that is probably a sign of ametatarsal stress fracture. so if that is the case, you really shouldget in and see a podiatrist who specializes in sports medicine and mechanical injuries.if you are in our area, please make an appointment to... you can go to the website and find contactinformation there. if you're not, then find a podiatrist in your area. or if you reallycan't go see a doctor, we do have some self treatment hints on our website. i really thinkthis is something that should be evaluated

because it should be x-rayed. eventually stressfractures, if you look over here, can break all the way through and that can be a realproblem. the bone can start to shorten, which can even require surgery down the line. so you don't wanna let these problems go,you do wanna get them treated. so go to the website, look up metatarsal stress fracturein the search function. you'll find hints you can do prior to seeing a doctor, but getin and see someone right away.

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