gout hand

gout hand

hi i'm gretchen rivas with relax to the maxmassage therapy and today we are going to talk about foot massages with gout. when someoneis in a full blown gout attack the last thing you want to do is massage their foot becauseit is very painful. the crystals that form in the foot with gout can't stand to be touched,the whole area around the foot because it is very inflamed so you don't want to touchit but one thing you can do according the "complete book of essential oils and aromatherapy" by warwood is you can make an epsom salt and rock salt soap with some essentialoils that will help with the gout and help relieve some of that pain. she has three differentrecipes for three series of weeks that during the gout attack and also some advice in thereon what to do to avoid future gout attacks

and to help relieve some of that pain so whenyou are suffering from a gout attack the last thing you want to do is massage it. maybeafter it has subsided a little bit you can massage it around the general area to helpget the circulation going and relieve some of that and help everything move through alittle bit faster but during a full blown gout attack you do not want to massage thefoot but you do want to do some epsom salt soap with some essential oils and that wouldhelp the most. thanks.

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