gout in ankle

gout in ankle

we are at sun hoa long clinic, in chinatown,new york city. we are doing some basic acupressure points to bring a lot of pain relief. thesame points that you put needle on, you can apply finger pressure to bring about the samekind of relief. we will do really common point for any leg or feet pain. to locate that point,we are going to go right between the big toe, and the second toe and press a line till youcannot follow your finger anymore, backup a little bit, and the point should be tenderto touch, and you can press and this rids your body tiredness for the sore feet. itis also a great hangover relief point to press the neck, and it will help bring circulationto that area. it is a good lever-point. anyone that has facial paralysis, this is a goodliver point to help that as well. it is also

good for any problems in the head as far asthe redness in the eye, related to hangover issues, it could bring relief to that pointby pressing on.

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