gall bladder stone treatment in homeopathy

gall bladder stone treatment in homeopathy

daniel: c'mon dude just drink it in five minutes. you got it reuben: well i'll see how it tastes he' ready i think he's got it, it's good yeah, i'm gonna get rid of some gallstones by following shelly's recipe which involves drinking olive oil and chasing it down with lemon juice daniel: and lots and lots of beer jason: i didn't hear about the lemon juice part reuben: let's see how it tastes

there's no smell daniel: oh my goodness reuben: it's good! daniel: dude then just chug it then [laughing] daniel: yeeahhh yeah!!! woohoo!!! reuben: ok, i'll have some lemon daniel: why'd you stop?

jason: what is that? will: lemon juice daniel: killer combo will: yeah man, that was significant daniel: why are you shaking? reuben: i don't know reuben: there's still a lot daniel: there's nothin' left dude, 30 minutes? you're gonna need like 30 seconds.

daniel: i like the hand on the waist daniel: wanna get a different angle? whoa!!! dude that's amazing daniel: i just wanna drink it now reuben: want some? i've got enough jason: i was wondering why we have olive oil i was like, "who's cooking tonight?" daniel: paxton

jason: but paxton doesn't use olive oil daniel: i would but i haven't been drinking pure apple juice all day. reuben: i hope i don't throw up. that would suck daniel: throw up in your bed and wake up in a pile of your own vomit reuben and daniel: a pile of your own vomit and gallstones reuben: here i go again daniel: paxton! hurry, come.. paxton: what's going on?

daniel: he's drinking olive oil. reuben: want some? will: oh look at that! reuben's mouth is kind of quivering now. it's getting nasty jason: he's also looking kind of green also, your hair's turning white daniel: and lemon juice paxton: what are the effects? reuben: huh?

paxton: after you drink it? do you often drink it? daniel: it's a homemade remedy. it makes girls like you. reuben: this much more to go paxton: oh ok... daniel: it gets rid of gallstones will: gallbladder reuben: they're coming out right nowi can feel it daniel: really?

reuben: nah daniel: that's nasty will: shelly did this jason: how do you find out if you have that stuff in you? daniel: shelly went to a doctor and they told him jason: oh really? daniel: reubs though is going by faith he's a man of faith. reuben: i believe in things you cannot see

paxton: oh, yeah you can drink the apple juice as drain out your kidney stones daniel: whoa will: you did it! he did it! jason: hang on daniel: what percentage of people have them? do you know? jason: it's gone daniel: is it very common? will: reuben that is impressive he's licking the cup!!

will: wow, this is kinda humiliating for shelly, i think. jason: why? daniel: it took him almost half an hour daniel: and he almost vomited multiple times jason: really? reuben: well, i'm used to eating oil all the time daniel: maybe it wasn't costa doro olive oil you got high-class stuff reuben: yeah, this was like 50-something kuai

jason: what??? reuben: can you use this? for cooking? yeah you can have this. daniel: think you'll just be drinking it every once in a while just to flush out...? jason: he just takes it like a beer. chugs it... will: and just one cup of lemon juice, right? reuben: yeah, i've still got to finish that. i think that's harder for me to drink than the oil because it's more bitter. ...sour

daniel: and now you don't have any good 'ol olive oil to wash it out with take some more olive oil! will: see? that was there in case he threw up reuben: yeah, if i throw up, i'll throw up here paxton: is it through vomiting? everyone: it's the other way everyone: yeah. will: but it might make him... reuben; maybe i should go lie down now

daniel: i think i'll go die jason: is that it? reuben: can stop it [the video] daniel: are you finished? reuben: i'm just gonna go lie down on my side daniel: he can only sleep on his right side will: augh, gallstones! daniel: what if that actually just produces gallstones? and then it comes out and before you didn't have them reuben: i know...that's what i was thinking

daniel: it's a home remedy that never fails will: nice reubs reubs i was really impressed with that show you put on with the olive oil reuben: oh no problem will: you downed it like that! paxton: did you have gastric problems before? jason: are you just doing this for fun? reuben: yeah jason: you're a sicko

reuben: oil....

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