get rid of gout

get rid of gout

(aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..........) bert middleton,back again . . . to bring you the goods on gout. what we are going to talk about thisweek is . . . the lymph system . . .0:00:16.970,0:00:18.660and what that has to do with gout. now, when i was . . . a long time ago, when i first startedthis whole thing, when i was just a baaaby . . . gout killer . . . i really got preoccupied with lymphsystem and i did a bunch of posts on it, and this,

and i'm going to show you one of the posts, watch. . . watch this cool thing - and i know how to do here - i just go like this . . . . . . and - i'm gone! i did this post, i wanted to show youthis post, i got sooooo fascinated with the lymph system, because . . . but let me justread to you, "there is twice as much lymph in our bodies as there is blood and twice as many people live vessels ingovernment system as there are blood . . . hehe and twice as many lymph vessels in the lymph systemas there are blood vessels! that is pretty, pretty cool . . .

now what does that have to do with gout?well . . . ya know . . . to begin with, i started searching around, this was awhile ago, this was like three years ago i think i did this post, and i found this guy right hereclarence bass, we're not going to go into it, but heeee really got into the goods abouthow important lymph system was and he turned me on to this other dude, dr. gerald m. lemole, or lemole or however you say it, and i read some clips on the internet from his book

"the healing diet", and here's this one littlepart of it and i want to get you going on this because, this is like really some importantstuff for you to know about. you can eliminate 70% of the chronic illnesses that are in part the result of that systembeing clogged.

that is how . . . back again, haha . . . that is how important the lymph system isand especially for you and me because gout has everything to do with too muchuric acid, too much toxic acidic waste, and if you see me balancing here, it'sbecause there's a really good thing that you can do for your lymph system, and um ... basically there are theselittle rebounder things, you've seen them, they're mini trampolines, most people don't knowwhat you use them for, they think they're a toy, but really it is a very, very simple

way for you to get some incredible exercisethat moves to lymph throughout your body, and helps to eliminate that waste, it helpsto move that waste to the kidneys and liver where it can be processed and filtered andeliminated, so but the cool thing is, is i can get my exercise just sitting hereat my desk, because i've got one of these cool, handy-dandy ball chairs! haha! how do you like that! one thing that i want to make sure

that i relay to you here, because i'm always is talking about how important our breathing is - i mean just the mechanism of our breathinghas a lot to do with expelling a lot of acidic waste, because ya know, we bring inoxygen, we use it, we expel carbon dioxide . . . you know there's a helluva lot acidic waste that we

we get rid of with our breathing,but a really important thing, is that the "thoracic duct" is the biggest vessel of our, in our lymph system,is right in-between our lungs, so when you breathe a really big and deep, its squeezes the hell out of that thing and helps to move to lymph around yourbody, it helps to move that acidic waste down and into your kidneys and liver sothey can be processed and eliminated.

so, that's what it's all about, make sure you go check out this ah, littlepost i did here i'm going to have the link to it, uh...the url, it will be posted underthe video here so that you can go check this out evenmore and click over to ah, check out the healing diet, and check out clarence, clarence bass's, but uh . . . that's . . .

what i wanted to talk to you about today - bringing you need to get on gout, this is bert middleton, the gout killer . . . over and out!

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