gerd and asthma

gerd and asthma

today on the vape channel, we tell you howyou can be more appealing to women, isn't that right tess? hey everybody this is joelfrom the vape channel. this week i wanted to talk to you about some misconceptions andsome stuff you may have heard about the physical effects of vaping and how vaping as opposedto smoking effects your body physically and maybe possibly mentally. i know i'm crazy.for a lot of people quitting smoking is the hardest thing that they have ever done, forme it was the hardest thing that i have ever done. so i feel your pain. the good news isvaping and technology like i've said a million times before and you probably find old clipsof it on the vape channel. vaping has come a long way in a short period of time for themost part you can get nicotine in your e-liquid

or no nicotine, but if you get nicotine inyour liquid nicotine is going to cause your blood vessels to constrict a little bit. nowthat sounds scary in theory right? there's your little screaming vampire noise or whateverright, but i've got a news flash for you. caffeine does the same thing, do you likesoda? chances are that’s doing the same thing as nicotine. let's talk about how vapingcan help you in my awesome art class. these are lungs, they are not real lungs but theseare lungs that i made. a smoker, when you have been smoking for x amount of time, along period of time, your lungs get all the carcingigens and the toxins and the cancercausing components in there. now when you start vaping over time what happens is thingsstart to disappear. you can hear it on the

microphone. squeaky, squeaky squeaky. forthe sake of time lets speed this up. ok, now if you compare this picture to what i justhad to when i started off you can see that there are little white spots. what happensis little tiny spots will start to clear up, then you will be able to breathe easier. ya,its pretty sweet. you have a higher nicotine level and you vape over time more and morespots will clear up until these lungs are white. we all know someone who vapes , itshelped changed their life and they don't smoke. can i get a show of hands of anyone out therewho can say the same? i read a lot of misinformation and a lot of horrid information on line aboutjuice. is there any ill effects of electronic cigarettes and the juice that is in them.i would say the only worry that i would eve

had if i was trying to quit smoking have anallergy to properline glycal. now if you have seen our vides before then you know that electroniccigarette liquid has properline glycal, vegetable glycerin, pharmaceutical grade nicotine andartificial flavoring. now i know some people who may have an allergy to properline glycalincase you forgot it’s been in inhalers since 1952, its in a lot of food grade products,its in meal water. so it’s in a lot stuff that we use everyday. it’s in toothpaste,its in lube. yes, that lube! what you can do is get an e liquid that is all vegetableglycerin. you can always consult with your physician, i’m no physician but if you dohave an allergy to that you can get liquid that is a 100% liquid glycerin. there areonly two kinds of people who i know that really

like to use a high vegetable glycerin. vegetableglycerin as you know give you thicker clouds. people that have an allergy or people thatlike to re-build. re-building in case you forgot. ready to zoom in? you build your owncoils, you put your own cotton in there and then you wick on it. where would i get sucha juice like that if i wanted to rebuild coils that had i high vegetable glycerin and lownicotine for my coils? i can think of someplace. vape escapes, the place that i work at herein phoenix arizona, just released their new black label line of juice. we got a strawberrycustard flavor, we got a bubble gum flavor, we’ve got a lime martini flavor, we gota blueberry muffin flavor and we’ve got green apple blueberry flavor. all these comein high vegetable glycerin that gives you

thicker clouds and if you have an allergyto properline glycal we have them in zero and 6 nicotine. ding! what else, what elsecomes of this? when we start vaping and our lungs start to heal, you'll notice you geta little more energy. it's easier for you to walk down the street, to go play with yourkids, to go walk around the mall to go shopping. we touched on some of the most important stuffbut some of the other stuff is really obvious and you may not think about it everyday. yourfingernails won’t be turning yellow anymore. your teeth won't turn yellow. you won't smelllike an ashtray. you can actually vape indoors in a lot of places. i live in arizona andthat’s a big bonus. cause going outside here is like being at the end of indiana jonesand the temple what was it the temple of doom?

the melted guy right? the one thing that youwon't realize when you quit smoking and you start vaping is that you get your sense ofsmell and you get your taste buds back. it’s very important because it took me a littlewhile. i like to tell people that it takes them about 8 weeks. after 8 weeks you canstart to smell your self-maybe when you need to take a shower. you know who i'm talkingto, yes you. so what’s this thing? this thing is 4 and half pounds of deadly vapingawesomeness. this is the dread knot clone we sell here at vape escapes. vapeescapes.comthis thing is meant only for rebuilding. it takes a 26 50 batter which means a huge battery.its proietary dripper, you can build whatever coil you want, remember be safe when you doit. remember boys and girls that wraps it

up this week for the vape channel. make sureyou like us on facebook at either vape escapes of the vape channel on facebook. subscribeto us on youtube or like us on yelp or plus 1 us on google plus and make sure you keepit real, keep it fresh and keep it real fresh! and you keep it real, and you keep it freshand you keep it real!

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