gout causes and treatment

gout causes and treatment

welcome to the vitalife show i'm doctor janine bowring and today we're talking about naturaltreatments for gout pain now gout pain usually occurs in the lowerextremities big toe and i see it more commonly inmen then i do and women but it does happen in as well and it's really a very painful condition but the goodnews is we can treat naturally we can actually prevent having further attacks of gout

paying by addressing the root cause andusing it has a lot to do with kidney toxicity so regular detoxification with somethinglike vitadetox which is something that i formulated to not only detoxify the kidneys but allthe internal organs doing this at least four times a year atthe change of each season is the best way to stave off those gout attacks as well as cherry juice. now cherry juice is thenatural anti-inflammatory and

specifically has salicylic acid which is whataspirin is made out of and cherry juice is a natural way totreat the pain especially associated withgout attacks so that something that you can buy at thehealth food store and you know drink two to three glasses of pure cherryjuice during the attack of gout as well as naturalanti-inflammatory so things like fish oil which contains thevery important omega-3 the dha and epa are natural anti-inflammatory to help tostave off the inflammatory process

overall on the body but also specificallywith gout and vitafish oil is something that iformulated to make it really easy for you to take afish oil supplement it tastes great, great for kids as well, easy to swallowit you can actually chew our little fishoil supplements so i encourage you look at those on our website at vitatree.com i've alsoused our vitajoints formula for the treatment of gout because it'sa natural anti-inflammatory and painkiller which is really importantit also contains growing glucosamine

can join msm and bromine specificallyactually attacks any cellular debris especially proteins within joint spaces in this is reallyhelpful for the treatment of gout and actually to use repetitively so longterm to you avoid those further attacks of gout so really important for any type joint painand inflammation i use this for all my arthritis patients as well i finda lot of people with that have gout actually have chronic arthritis issues as well sothe vitajoints is a great formulation

for that. something you can usetopically for joint pain is castoroil packs. castro oil packs you basically put some high-quality hexane free castroonto a cloth and put that on the area withsome heat that point of inflammation so whether thisis your joints especially that large toe right over thefoot and you put a hot water bottle on this area it really helps with increasingcirculation in the area also helps with decreasing the toxicload and increasing that lymphatic flows so

basically your body's naturalability to clean up any cellular debris and that uric acid gas that has builtup especially in that joint space. soagain i'm doctor janine bowring naturopathic doctor and i thank you for joining me todayplease make sure you leave a comment below if you have questions about goutor any other inflammatory condition be sure to likeus on facebook and follow us on twitter @vitatree and remember your health is in your handsand you have the ability to live

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