gout diet recipes

gout diet recipes

turmeric as medicine. five scientificallyproven case studies that we’ve pulled up just for you today that are gonna show youhow powerful turmeric is against some of the common pharmaceutical medicine that’s outthere today. and i’m also gonna be sharing one of my favorite recipes to increase theabsorption of turmeric in your body. at the tail end of this video i’m gonna bring aboutsome people that have been taking organifi. i wanna show you what results they’ve seenand some of the impressive testimonials that we have in the community all over the unitedstates and the rest of the world. so about a year ago, i was in the farmers market andi saw something that look just like ginger.

it was this little root here. a little bitoranger in flavor obviously. you open it up and it almost look like a carrot right? andi’m like, you know what, let me try it so i brought it home and i started juicing thisstuff. and what i noticed in my own life was remarkable. a lot of the pain and inflammatoryresponses that i notice from the past from working out and being a runner and doing allthe exercise that i did through all my life subsided rather quickly. and i realize thatturmeric has some very advance healing properties when you have it in a consistent basis. over600 experimental health benefits have been related to turmeric and curcumin specificallythe active ingredient inside of it. curcumin is a little bit oranger in nature. as youcould tell this is curcumin, this is turmeric.

it’s very bright, it’s very vibrant. andwhat i’ve seen is, the more potent it is the vibrant the contrast is as well and themore absorbable it is. curcumin actually inserts itself inside cell membranes that aren’tworking effectively in your body and helps amplify them. so i’m reading about curcuminand what i read is it actually goes inside your cell membrane and it changes the physicalproperty of your cell membrane and makes it better. curcumin is therapeutic for lung disease,liver disease, autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular disease. turmeric blocks the inflammatorypathways that are in your body that could be caused from years of stress, surgery, injury,different things like that. curcumin has the most evidence based literature in regardsto using against cancer. alright let’s pull

up our first study here. in a 2008 study publishedin a journal drugs in r & d from the standardized preparation of curcuminoids from turmericcompared favorably to a leading cholesterol drug. a 2009 study published in the journalof biochemistry and biophysical research community explored how curcumin can be 500 to 100,000times more potent than some common diabetes medication today at utilizing or handlingcarbs in your body. there was also a 1986 in vitro and ex vivo study published in thejournal of arzneimittelforschung, i don’t how to say that. can we put that below? tryto say this with me, arzneimittelforschung found that curcumin has antiplatelet and prostacyclinmodulating effects compared to aspirin and i, basically what this means is that it’sa better blood thinner that some of those

other medications that are out there suchas aspirin. and then our final study is maybe for the prozac but it’s a depression medication.a 2011 study published in the journal of acta poloniae pharmaceutica found that curcumincompared favorably to prozac and some other depression medication in reducing depressivebehavior. wow! i absolutely love researching this for you. you know knowing that there’sother things out there that we have access to whether you’re a school teacher or you’retruck driver whatever your profession is you probably don’t have all the time in theworld to look at research articles and really find out what’s best for you. so the fitlifeteam and i dedicate a numerous amount of hours, research time and is dedicated to really understandingwhat’s best for our bodies. so i wanted

to reveal those studies to you and i alsowanna show you how i take turmeric because there’s a difference between vitamins right?there’s water soluble vitamins and nutrients, minerals, different things like that. there’salso fat soluble. so one thing that i do with my turmeric is i have a little kefir. kefirhas tons of benefits. it’s great on helping your leaky gut if you have it. helps restorethe microbiome in your body and it’s loaded with probiotics. i’m gonna put my curcuminin it. i got about a tablespoon here and put it in my shaker bottle just like cell so wegot our shaker bottler. shake it up just like cell. so i drink one of this a day, it’sabout three milligrams is the recommended dose for curcumin and turmeric. alright soknow, watch the color and the consistency

at which is pours. so there’s our kefircurcumin drink. so now we have turmeric in our organifi. it’s absolutely amazing. ilove reading online you guys are posting about it. you’re getting it, it was on a pre-orderfor a long time now everybody should be getting it sent directly to their doorstep hopefullyon auto ship where you get the 20 dollar a month coupon if you’re not, make sure tolock it in as we will be raising the price on organifi soon. it has ashwagandha, it hasmacha, turmeric it has lemon, kale , all your chlorella’s, spirulina, it’s really greatat boosting immune function supporting mental clarity helping your body relax, loweringcortisol levels, hydrating and revitalizing you. i’ve been taking this for the pastthree months. i absolutely love it and like

everybody else i wanna show you some otherpeople that are taking it in the community. you heard me talk about it probably a couplemaybe a few times now in saturday strategy’s. i wanna let the community show you what it’sdoing for them. i know you’re gonna be pleasantly surprised. when i first started i was 30 poundsheavier so less 30 pounds and i was in chronic pain and when i started juicing incorporatinggood nutrients, great exercise plan got off some of the weight, inflammation gone. sincetaking it i’ve noticed a dramatic change in my sleep patterns, in my digestive patternsbut mostly my stress levels and going through something like this is stressful and to knowthat i have a products that i can easily grab when maybe time gets short and i don’t havetime to juice and that i know that i’m getting

the most wonderful ingredients that i canfeed my body in a powder. it’s a life changer. when i started having my own health issuesi knew i didn’t wanna be on medication for the rest of my life. i didn’t wanna feelhow i was feeling for the rest of my life. and the changes that i made, they were hardat first but relatively speaking they were simple, it’s something anybody can do. iwanted to lose weight quickly but in a way that i thought would also be healthy. i lostnow 47 pounds but in the first, maybe three months i lost about 40 and that’s wherethis organifi powder has just been a tremendous, tremendous help even with all this preparationi still and not always completely prepared so those days when i don’t have to get upand go and i have had time to shop in and

buy juicing you know do all the prep i canjust put some powder and water and go out the door. my life has changed since adoptinga healthy lifestyle in many ways. i have lost 40 plus pounds when i started in july 2013i was on four medications. i’ve since been able to get off three of them that shouldbe two for high blood pressure and one for high cholesterol. i went from a size 16 toa size eight. organifi has impacted me by making it easier for me to get the nutrientsthat i need throughout the day on a daily basis if i don’t have time at off for juicing,i can use organifi. as a mother it’s important for me to be healthy so that i’m here fora really long time. alright so you were probably wondering who won the juicer last week letsgo and pull those up. who do we got? alright,

alright. i’ve seen, ready? rita ann deihl,congratulations! the juicer is going out to you rita. i’ve seen you post on saturdaystrategy’s over the past month and a half. you’re very persistent and you’ve beenpersistent in your health as well. you are actually talking about in this comment abouthow it was hard for you to make changes. in your younger years you use to just eat whateveryou wanted and then you started to learn it was like this grain of inspiration in yourlife and you got up a ton of medications, different things that were impacting you andthe only medication that you have left to get rid of is your thyroid medication so wewanna help you with that. we’re sending you out a brand new juicer from kuvings andit’s absolutely amazing. congratulations

to you, it’s coming out right away. i’mdrew canole, as always remember, we’re in this together. i’ll see you soon.why did i wear a white shirt? it’s a turmeric episode. i gotta be careful. turmeric willstain your white shirt. i wanna be careful here because curcumin can stain your shirt.i got a nice white shirt so i wanna put my bib on just like cell will finish…

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