fracture healing time

fracture healing time

hey guys. dr. axe here. doctor of functionalmedicine and founder of in this video, i'm going to share with you the toptips on how to heal broken bones naturally. and if you want to repair broken bones naturally,you want to follow a very specific diet, supplement regimen, lifestyle regimen, as well as usecertain essential oils and natural treatments to help your body heal much, much faster.and i'll tell you, i've seen broken bones heal two to three times faster by followingthe tips i'm sharing with you in this video. so number one, let's start with diet, andthe key nutrients you've got to be getting in your diet in order to heal broken bones.number one, you need a lot of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. the best calcium richfoods are going to be green, leafy vegetables

and raw, fermented dairy products. so gettinga lot of kale, and spinach, and arugula, and chard and those green leafies, even broccoli.getting those in your diet is number one. they're packed with calcium, and calcium isthe main mineral that helps make up strong bones. but in order for your body to even use calcium,you also have to have magnesium. and so, some magnesium rich foods are going to be verysimilar. green leafy vegetables, raw, fermented dairy products like goat's milk, kefir orraw goat cheese. also though, magnesium rich foods may include certain seeds, like flaxseeds, chia, pumpkin seeds, grass fed beef are also good. so again, you want to get alot of calcium rich foods, magnesium rich

foods. also, you want to get foods that arerich in zinc. zinc foods again, are going to be grass fed beef, pumpkin seeds, chiaand flax seeds. very similar to the magnesium rich foods. and then, also you want to begetting loads of vitamin c, and even things like fresh vegetable juices. vitamin c richfoods can include orange juice, true oranges, lemons, bell peppers, kiwis, broccoli, asparagus.those are foods that are packed with vitamin c. so make sure you're getting plenty of vitaminc. so really your diet should consist of a lotof veggies, some fruit, some organic meat, some nuts and seeds. and that should reallybe the bulk of your diet as you're trying to heal, and get all of those nutrients forbuilding strong bones.

now the foods you want to stay away from arefoods that tend to be overly acidic, conventional meat and dairy products and alcohol. you alsowant to stay away from excess sodium and excess sugar. those will acidify your body. they'llactually leach those minerals out of your body and really cause your bone growth andhealing to slow down. now, the top natural supplements for the treatmentof broken bones are going to be, number one, taking a vitamin d supplement. if you havea broken bone, getting out in the sun is ideal. getting direct sunlight, vitamin d is reallyimportant for bone growth. but if not, then taking 5,000 ius twice a day for three monthsof vitamin d is crucial to healing broken bones fast.

the other supplements you're going to takealong with magnesium and calcium supplements, ideally is a magnesium chelate supplement,so it would go to whole food form of magnesium. also, things that can help is a fish oil supplement.those omega three fats can reduce inflammation, speed the healing process, as well as doinga green super food powder. getting a green super food that has spirulina and chlorellaand other alkalizing fruits and vegetables. very, very beneficial at actually healingbroken bones. the next step in healing broken bones fastnaturally, is going to be natural therapy, such as standing on a vibrational platform.there are studies that show a vibrational platform increases bone density, so you canfind vibrational platforms on line. stand

on those for 20 minutes, three times a dayand it naturally helps increase your bone density. and it's doing that without majorimpact, so again, vibrational platform. don't forget that. some gyms also have them in thegym. i know a lot of chiropractic offices that have those as well. so again, gettingon a vibrational platform. now, here are two other key things you cando to heal broken bones fast. the next one is use essential oils. three powerful essentialoils for healing broken bones, cypress oil, fur oil as well as helichrysum oil. and youwant to make a blend, and put this on your body, five to six times daily, is you're goingto put directly on the broken bone area. you're going to go ahead and put cypress oil, furoil and helichrysum oil.

cypress oil really improves circulation inthe area, speeding the healing process. fur oil really works in helping the bone, andyou have helichrysum which actually helps in communication repairing damaged nerve those three oils are the best oils for helping heal broken bones using that in allof those areas, five to six times a day. and then, last but not least, getting acupuncturetreatment. we know acupuncture really works with your body's meridians and different healingnetworks. and really transforming where sort of your body energy is utilized and reallysupporting your organs and repairing those damaged bones. so again, i would recommendseeing an acupuncturist. oftentimes, somebody that does a five elements acupuncture is veryeffective at the treatment of healing broken

bones. i promise you, if you do these tips,you're going to see your broken bones heal faster than ever. hey, i hope you've enjoyed this video, andif you want more tips, i've got another great article on my website, to checkout. hey, guys, i hope you've enjoyed this video on how to naturally heal broken bones.

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