fracture pain

fracture pain

this application is for rib pain- where location may vary. though it is often caused by an impact injury, excessive coughing, or muscle strain, and this is how we will tape. for this application we are going to place the area of pain on as much stretch over that skin as possible. and in this case i am going to use a red dot just to indicate where that point of pain may be. your pain may vary towards the front or back of the rib cage.

for my first piece of tape i am going to tear off an i-strip. forming an anchor down at the logo end of the tape. i am just peeling that paper off- and i am going to apply that anchor with no stretch on the tape and as i remove the paper, again- no stretch on the tape as i lay this down. and no stretch on the other end of the tape. tearing off another i-strip. again i am tearing the paper to form an anchor on the logo end of the tape.

i am going to apply this much as i did the first piece. no stretch on the anchor. and as i lay the strip down, again no stretch on the tape. as i lay this down, and what i am doing here is framing that point of pain. and for the third piece, tearing off an i-strip, this time i am going to tear the paper in the middle of the strip peeling that paper back to leave 1รข½-2 inches of anchor. and from here i am going to apply even pressure on that middle section,

or full stretch on that middle section of tape applying that over the point of pain. pinching off the anchors, so when i lay the anchors down there is absolutely no stretch on the anchor end of tape. (same thing on the back) paper is removed and i lay that anchor down with no stretch on the tape. and bring your arm back down- that is one way you can tape for rib pain.

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