fracture recovery

fracture recovery

i'm dr. pupalla with alliance spine and paincenters and i'll be talking about lumbar kyphoplasty today. kyphoplasty is a percutaneous interventionalprocedure performed to treat lumbar compression fractures of the spine. it can also be performedin the thoracic spine as well. a vertebral compression fracture is a condition wherethe patient may have a fracture of the vertebral body of the spine. it can often occur afterfalls, it can happen after some sort of trauma. it can happen in patients who have osteoporosis,or an underlying condition like multiple myeloma that may predispose the patient to fracturesof the spine. these fractures can be intensely painful withsevere point tenderness in the middle of the back. a vertebral compression fracture oftenwill cause an endplate change of the spine,

so that there is a change from this squareshape to something that's more like a trapezoid. and that will often cause a decrease in apatient's height. what we can do to treat these patients, is perform this procedureunder x-ray guidance, where a needle is introduced into the vertebral body. the vertebral bodyis identified on both ap and lateral fluoroscopies so we have constant real-time views of theneedle position in the spine. what we'll try to do with the kyphoplasty procedure is placea cannula through the pedicle on both the left side and the right side. have that trocargo through the spine, into the vertebral body, to the middle of the actual vertebral body.we'll then inject a balloon. that balloon will re-expand the vertebral body so the trapezoidshape re-approximates to a square more closely.

we can provide anatomic restoration of thoseendplates. after inflating the balloon, the balloon is then deflated and removed, andthe resulting cavity is filled with injectable cement. that injectable cement cures and hardens,the trocars are withdrawn, bandaids are applied, and the patient can go home immediately afterrecovery from anesthesia. no overnight hospital stay is required. and the patient can experienceprofound pain relief in about two to three days.

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