fractured bone healing stages

fractured bone healing stages

what's up guys? for complex news, i'm tamaradhia.â pot, weed, ganja,â marijuana, trees,maryâ jane, dope, the devil's lettuce....there are manyways to reference snoop andâ wiz's favorite drug but many people miss the point that cannabisis also a healing agent. the medicinal properties in marijuana have been used to treat glaucoma,control epileptic seizures and slowâ the progression of alzheimer's disease among many other beneficialuses. now researchers at tel aviv universityâ and hebrew university have found thatâ cbd, anon-psychotropic component of marijuana, significantly helps to heal broken bones. scientists gave cbd to a group of lab ratswith leg fracturesâ and found that their bones were noticeably stronger after eight weeksof testing. cbd used alone was the most effective,

as opposed to when it was mixed with thc,the major psychoactive component in marijuana. according the one of the lead researchers,dr. yankel gabet: "we found that cbd alone makes bones strongerduring healing, enhancing the maturation of the collagenous matrix, which provides thebasis for the new mineralization of bone tissue. after being treated with cbd, the healed bonewill be harder to break in the future." sounds like another win for team mary jane.that's it for now but for all your news updates be sure to subscribe to complex on youtube.

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