fracture symptoms

fracture symptoms

hi. my name is dr. khurram pervaiz. i am a shoulder, elbow and hand specialist with the orthopedic associates of central maryland and i work at howard county general hospital. elbow fractures can happen after a fall. this could be a simple ground level fall, as in falling on the floor, or falling down steps or falling off a tree. you would have pain in your elbow,

swelling, limitation in motion, you could have bleeding from the elbow, and if you have these symptoms, it would be... you should probably go see someone andget an x-ray to make sure you do not have an elbow fracture. going to the emergency room isprobably the best thing to do because in the emergency room they willprobably get an x-ray and find out if you have an elbow fracture and then probably send you to the right specialist.

if you are suspicious that you have an elbow fracture, then it would be appropriate for you to makean appointment with an elbow specialist so they can get x-rays, evaluate you thoroughly and decide whether this is somethingthat can be fixed with something simple like a cast or whether it's something that needs surgery. elbow fractures can be highly complex, technical injuries and

frequently specialized training and technical expertise are required to putthese complicated injuries together with surgery. the most important thing in the elbow joint would be thealignment of the joint itself or the articular surface. if the alignment of the joint has beenaffected then it frequently has to be restored through surgery. if that alignment of the joint is okay

then elbow injuries can be treated with something simple like a sling or a cast or just immobilization for a short periodtime, however, the elbow is a joint that does nottolerate immobilization very well, so immobilization is usually done for a short period of time to avoid permanent stiffness. complications from elbow fracture surgery can rangeanywhere from nerve injury to bleeding

to infection, swelling and stiffness in the arm. elbow fractures can take anywhere fromsix weeks to three months to heal completely. i start therapy immediately because stiffness can be a problem. i don't generally allow my patients to lift anything heavy with the arm and initially the most important thingis to elevate the arm to minimize the

risk of swelling, infection, and wound breakdown.

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