fractured bone in foot

fractured bone in foot

- [nurse] are you able to move your foot? - [tyler] it hurts to do that. - [nurse] oh, can youpush down against like, ya know, a gas pedal? - [tyler] that hurts. - [nurse] what about this ya got? - [nurse] okay, but your toes? - [tyler] yep, that's fine.- [nurse] those are all right. - [tyler] and my ankle's fine too.

- [nurse] okay. can you doa circle rotation for me? - [tyler] ah, that hurts to go that way. - [nurse] this way? - [tyler] this is fine. - [nurse] okay, but to go? - [nurse] okay., give me one second. - okay. - [nurse] x-ray tech will come in. she'll get a x-ray andwe'll take it from there.

- [tyler] cool, thank you! - [nurse] alright, i'll see you later. this happened an hour ago? - [tyler] uh, yeah. - [camera man] now two hours (laughter). - [nurse] i'm sorry the wait's ridiculous. - [tyler] you're fine. - [nurse] alright, she'll be right in. - [tyler] awesome, thank you.

- [camera man] thank you.- [nurse] no problem. - mmk. so that's the second opinion. my first opinion was i thinkwe're gonna have to amputate. so, i just got my x-rays, my first x-ray. it's a little intimidating,a little scary. i was afraid to look directly at it 'cause i don't know what it does. but, it's not looking good. i think it's getting more swollen.

ready? maybe. - [camera man] looks bad. - [tyler] like, not cute. so we'll see. - [camera man] little easter egg in there. - i don't know how this all happened. i don't know how this iswhat my day has become. i've been here for a few hours now. what's that sarah jessica parker movie?

i don't know how she does it. that's my life right now. i don't know how i do it. i don't know how i'm gonna go on. this is the end. this is it. bye! (laughter) what's the deal? - [nurse] do you thinkyou can come on over here? - yeah. can i film?

- [nurse] you fractured it. - [tyler] oh, what does that mean, though? - [nurse] you fracturedthe fifth metatarsal. okay and i'll show you what that means. - so i just found out, ifractured the fifth metatarsal. i was counting on that one. - [nurse] okay. so, do you see here? - oh no. - [nurse] you see thatlittle black nuisancy?

- yeah. - [nurse] and do you see that little gap? you chipped. - oh. - [nurse] the base of theproximal fifth metatarsal. - so that's like, a problem. - [nurse] well, this is considereda dancers' fracture, mmk? based on where the location is. are you a dancer, by chance?- [tyler] obviously no.

- [nurse] okay. so you have two. - [camera man] but naturally.- some might say. - [nurse] so you have two options. and it heals really can sit back down. you can either be placed in a boot, which is actually reallyuncomfortable at this point because of the swelling and the boot is tight, so itapplies pressure right there. so it's gonna be, you'regonna, it's not gonna be fun

and you'll try to avoid walking on the lateral side of your foot. or what we could do is just ace wrap you and get you in crutches. - yeah, i should do that. - [nurse] it's actually much better. i is for ice. c is for compression, whichis this guy right here. and then e is for elevate.- [tyler] ecstasy, oh.

(laughter)- [tyler] elevate, sure. - [nurse] okay, so really important now, especially today and tomorrow, this is key and for the next week, this is key. - [tyler] so just lay down all my life. - [nurse] pretty much. just take it easy.- [tyler] god bless. okay. - okay, so i'm about toget fitted for crutches. i'm gonna have to be on therefor what, four to six weeks.

it's gonna be a struggle. i'm a little nervous howi'm gonna accessorize because these are not cute. although silver goes with anything. so, we'll see, but. i don't know how it's gonna work out. is that blood? - [nurse] yeah. - [tyler] so that's compressing, right?

so how do you feel? it's help? you want more tight? - uh, i think it's fine. - [nurse] okay, here. one more... - oh! i've never done this. umm, no. no. i'm not gonna. (laughter) oh god.

this is gonna end in an accident. another accident. i gotta be careful. okay, ready? the only two times that ihave ever injured myself have to do with whenever i am trying to be a model in some capacity. the first time, i was like four years old. i had to go to the emergency room because i sprayed my entire face

with what i thought was perfume. turns out it was pepper spray. all i wanted was to smell pretty. instead, i turned blind. the second time was this past weekend.

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